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Dr. Bagwe has extensive understanding and experience with workers compensation and occupational medicine. This experience expands from evaluation and treatment of patients to independent medical examinations (IMEs), 2nd opinions, disability ratings, and depositions. The goal is to make sure that we can get the employee back to work, as they were before their injury, as soon as possible. By working closely with the case managers and adjusters, we are able to expedite the care, while still providing the highest possible quality, to the patients in the most cost effective way possible. To ensure timely treatment, at our main location in Chesterfield, we are able to offer evaluation, X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans all in the same building, making it convenient and efficient for the patient as well as the case managers and adjusters. Dr. Bagwe and his staff work exceptionally hard to ensure same day or next day appointments for new injured workers.

In order to provide the best care to his patients while keeping the case managers and adjusters informed, Dr. Bagwe and his staff strive to expedite all clinical information to help continue the constant flow of (approval and receipt) the recommended treatments. Work status reports, next appointment date and time, physical therapy scripts, as well as any diagnostic scripts are provided to the patients, case managers, and adjusters at the time of the office visit. By directly communicating with case managers and adjusters, we are able to explain the recommendations and reasoning behind them. In his initial evaluation, Dr. Bagwe makes sure he obtains a detailed history about the patient’s injury including the date and time of the injury, its initial report, the exact causation of the injury, and prior treatment for the injury. All of that information as well as continued care and necessary imaging and scans for the patient provide Dr. Bagwe with the information he needs to determine the treatment plan to get the patient back to work at maximum medical improvement (MMI) as safely and quickly as possible.

About Dr. Bagwe

Dr. Mahesh Bagwe, a physician at Ortho Missouri, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, fellowship-trained in foot and ankle reconstruction. He also serves as a team physician for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Dr. Bagwe’s primary area of interest is lower extremity disorders. His specialties include: Foot and Ankle Surgery; Arthroscopic Surgery; Cartilage Repairs; Ankle Joint Replacements; Foot & Ankle Injections; Reconstructive Surgery; General Orthopedic Surgery; Sports Medicine; and Knee Surgery. He has been widely recognized and sought after for his innovative procedures that help patients regain their mobility.

Nondiscrimination Notice

Dr. Bagwe is an Orthopedic Surgeon in St. Louis, Missouri | As a world class lower extremity specialist Dr. Bagwe treats disorders of the knee, foot and ankle which cause acute or chronic pain. With several locations in the St. Louis metro area, we offer solutions for Arthritis, Sprains and strains, Bursitis and tendonitis, Fractures, sports related injuries, work related injuries, stress fracture, Cubital tunnel syndrome, Knee ligament tear (ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL), Meniscal (cartilage) tear, Heel spurs, Plantar fasciitis, Shin splints, Hammer toe and other toe disorders, Achilles tendon problems, Bunions, and more.