January 24, 2023

Achilles Tendon Injuries

What are Achilles tendon injuries? The Achilles tendon is a fibrous band of tissue that links the muscles in your calf to your heel. The strength and flexibility of […]

January 16, 2023

The rise of MMA and Combat Sports Injuries

With the rise of mixed martial arts (MMA), a variety of lower extremity injuries can occur, injuries which are not as frequent as mainstream athletics. The diversity of MMA […]

December 23, 2022

The Art of Being Grateful This Holiday Season.

Christmas can be a fun but also stressful time of year. It’s uber easy to blow your budget, your relatives will frustrate you, and you’ll receive gifts that will […]

December 09, 2022

Why is Ankle Mobility and Strength Important For Skiing?

If you love Skiing and winter is your thing then this article is for you. With the cold season approaching and the slopes of aspen, and telluride opening up […]

November 25, 2022

End Stage Ankle Arthritis

Severe ankle joint arthritis is the result of progressive wear and tear of the articular cartilage cushion that lines the ankle joint, which results in bone-on-bone grinding of the […]

November 11, 2022

Do You Need An Ankle Replacement?

A complete ankle replacement, or ankle arthroplasty, is performed when the tissues and structures of one’s ankle joint are damaged beyond natural repair. During surgery, one’s bone surfaces and […]

October 31, 2022

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

You’ve probably heard of Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) – an extremely common and often painful overuse injury among runners and athletes. ITBS occurs when the iliotibial band (the ligament […]

October 23, 2022

Ankle Mobility and Hockey Players

Hockey players are generally plagued with injuries and dysfunctions in their body. On top of being pinned, pushed, and beaten around the ice (and the impacts of such), it’s […]

October 07, 2022

Recovering From Achilles Surgery

Recovering At Home from Achilles tendon surgery can be a challenging, and frustrating period. It’s important to take care of yourself and be mindful of your limitations.  About Your […]

September 16, 2022

Training For Baseball

Everybody loves Baseball season, especially when the STL Cardinals are crushing it! While baseball is a passion for many athletes, it is important to make sure that you are […]

September 04, 2022

Ankle Strength for Soccer Players

Your ankles can endure a significant amount of impact during a soccer game, short, sharp turns on a dime with and without a soccer ball are common, particularly when […]

August 26, 2022

Exercise your core to improve ankle function

It’s hard to believe that improving core strength can actually improve ankle function. Many people are unaware of the correlation between core strength, specifically the gluteals, and ankle function […]

July 19, 2022

Flatfoot; Types, Causes, Symptoms and More

What is flatfoot? When the entire sole of the foot is in contact (or close too) with the ground while standing, it’s considered a flat foot. The result is […]

May 15, 2022

Introduction to Pain Management

Pain management can be categorized as simple or complex – depending on the cause of the pain. A good example of less complex pain would be nerve root irritation […]

April 24, 2022

Reduce Pain and Inflammation By Eating Well

For people who have arthritis, the constant pain and stiffness can sometimes lead the body to be in a state of stress or what we refer to as “inflammation.” In such cases, different types of […]

March 22, 2022

13 Exercises To Relieve Foot and Ankle Pain

1 in 5 middle-aged, or older, people suffer from foot and ankle pain, with women mostly affected. There are multiple reasons for foot and ankle pain. 3 common causes […]

February 18, 2022

16 Vital hip flexor stretches for your body

Since our world has been transformed into sitting most of the time it is inevitable that our hip flexors become tight. Many people sit during the day, whether it […]

January 31, 2022

13 Yoga Stretches to Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

80% of people will experience lower back pain at some stage of their life. It is one of the most common reasons for people missing work and visiting a […]

St Louis Top Foot and Ankle Surgeon | Dr Mahesh Bagwe
January 08, 2022

3D For Foot and Ankle Surgery?

3D printing technology is amazing and it’s changing the way we live, work and get medical care. The same is true when it comes to orthopedic surgery. 3D printed […]

knee replacement
December 02, 2021

Complete Guide to Cartilage Restoration and Repair

Cartilage is a vital part of your knees. It keeps the knee joint from rubbing against your shinbone and thigh bone and lubricates and cushions your knees as you […]

October 10, 2021

There are Pain Types. Want to Learn About Them?

The English language has several different words that describe various types of pain. There is pain, ache, sore, throb, hurt, and many more. Not to mention all those adjectives […]

Knee injury recovery
September 14, 2021

A Step-by-Step Guide To Knee Replacement Surgery: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re considering knee replacement surgery then there are some things you need to know. Knee replacement surgery – also known as Arthroplasty – uses plastic and metallic parts […]

knee injury
September 08, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Knee Injuries

About the Knee The knee is the body’s largest joint and is constructed of two main bones, ligaments, cartilage and tendons. The meeting point of your kneecap (patella), femur […]

knee replacement
March 08, 2021

Why Are Body Joint Surgeries Necessary?

Joints are what keeps our body together and moving – literally. When they get damaged or injured problems can start to occur. As remarkable as the human body is, […]

knee replacement
March 08, 2021

Complete Guide to Knee Replacement

About the knee The knee is made of two main bones and the kneecap as well as ligaments, cartilage and tendons. The meeting point of your kneecap (patella), femur […]

October 19, 2020

Orthopedic Vs. Podiatrist: Foot & Ankle Specialist

If you have a problem with your foot or ankle you may need an orthopedic surgeon or a podiatrist. Fully understanding the difference is crucial, as physicians undergo years […]

The Science Behind PRP Injections
October 19, 2020

The Science Behind PRP Injections

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are an innovative and safe medical procedure that helps patients to heal from long-term injuries and recover from hair loss, aging and body degeneration. PRP […]

St Louis Top Foot and Ankle Surgeon | Dr Mahesh Bagwe
October 19, 2020

3D Printing in Orthopedics: How Is It Used For Foot and Ankle Surgery?

3D printing technology is amazing and it’s changing the way we live, work and get medical care. The same is true when it comes to orthopedic surgery. 3D printed […]

Injured woman at work
October 14, 2020

How to Choose and Talk to Your Workers’ Compensation Doctor

When you’ve been injured at work it can be a stressful time. You worry about getting all the medical care you need without having to wait a long time […]

September 06, 2020

Arthroscopic Procedures – How They Work and Help

Arthroscopy or arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to diagnose and treat issues inside a joint. The word “arthroscopy” is coined from two Greek words, “arthro” […]

July 13, 2020

PRP : A Regenerative Solution

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is another attempt to harness the regenerative power of the human body to treat injuries and accelerate healing processes.  The idea is to extract the […]

June 22, 2020

Orthopedic Vs Orthopaedic. Same, or Different?

There is no semantic difference between the words “orthopedic” and “orthopaedic.” They both mean the same thing. The difference is in spelling only. The spelling difference resembles the usual […]

June 16, 2020

Plantar Fasciitis : All You Need To Know!

Between your heel and the front of your foot, there is a piece of fascia that connects these two sections. This is the plantar fascia. When the plantar fascia […]

June 05, 2020

What Is Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of your plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a tissue that connects the heel with the front of the foot. This type of injury is […]

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